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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 29, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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right now at 5:00 we have our eye on the storm, snow changing over to vote, what you can expect as you head out to work this morning, eric. >> reporter: it's the first real taste of winter after all the 60s and 70s in december we are ending on a cold note. and from record warm the snow and sleet people across the by are doling with their first taste of winter. thank you so much for joining us this morning i'm chris mckinnon. and i'm kathryn hauser. yes, winner is back in a big way, a winter weather advisory is in effect right now, the snow is starting to fall right around midnight. this is a live look at city of boston on mobile had 49.
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close eye on things because there is a changeover that is happening to sleet. >> and it is a messy morning out there on the roads, we've got our team of meteorologists tracking the storms, eric fisher is live in fitch berg. >> reporter: chris and kathryn good morning to you. slick conditions for sure, it's not the worse i have ever seen the roads, go nothing patches where there is still ice on the roads, now here you can see the ice covered streets, a little more difficult starting to pick up that sleet as it adds up as opposed to snow fall, tricky to drive on as well, just a word of caution. taking a look at headlines for this particular storm, for those of you watching through the course of this one, a big time sleet event for us, more sleet than anything else
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type, snow fall over to the north. travel troubles mostly about this morning's commute, we have fewer people on the roads because of vacation week and no school, heavy rain in southeastern massachusetts as temperatures warm across the cape, south shore, islands and south coast. in terms of totals not a big event, most towns, sleet as well on top of that. 2-4 moving into new hampshire, bigger shows, northern new hampshire and interior parts of maine, barely seen snow fall. throes of winter weather, especially to our north, those folks have had a touch start to the year. we will talk about what is going on with the storm, here in the low 20s, seeing sleet instead of snow, let's get array car check and look at the time line, danielle niles standing by in the studio with that.
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at least you know we are seeing that changeover start to occur better. let's zoom in on the current radar, 34 degrees, 37 in the vineyard, we've had sleet pellets on the cape, making that changeover as well. so right along route 3 you encounter raindrops then the sleet mixing in. boston. 22 in worcester, cold i remember area cross the interior. even though we have a little bit of snow showing up on radar, it is maybe about 995% sleet with a coup -- .75% sleet with a couple flakes stretching done to the merrimack valley, sleet on top of that making a crusty mix out there. so hour by hour that rain line will continue to make northward progress mid to late morning, coming into the city of boston say around 9:00 a.m.
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temperatures in the 40s on the cape at that point, still cold enough across the interior that we get sleet through late morning and early afternoon, is 1:00 p.m. rain and some downpours in there, that will reduce visibility, but the evening a up could he will leftover showers, there might still be icy patches north of could be cord and back into new england. pamela, you said it's mostly sleet but slick out there. >> reporter: yeah, it's slick out here and we have that sleet still accumulating out here, i want to show you, if you can see off my glove, the sleet is bouncing off of any surface out here. we have these little ice pellets. we have warm air at the loft, cold air at the surface, so we get these sleet pellets, a bummer, we were hoping for snow. we had the changeover earlier than expected. we'll get you through this morning commute, so the roads
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little bit of snow between 1:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. on our way out here, now there is a layer of ice on top, we had many of ice trucks out here, middlesex road as you lead up to pheasant lane mall out here in nashua. but, yeah, just want to let you now it's slick out here. and again it's ice covered, snow covered so use caution on the roads, we'll continue to keep you posted at nashua, new hampshire. pamela, the roads are becoming slick, the winter mix is hitting the pavement, we are getting word of an accident involving a truck on route 24 at exited 18 in lowell, the ramp from route 3 north to route 495 has been shut down due to an accident. and mass dot says there is a 40- mile per hour speed limit from sturbridge to the new york border, let's take a live look
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during the school vacation. there are no problems on the leverett connector inbound. the ride looks fine into the city from the south shore we'll see if that changes throughout the morning, mobile had 49 unit in and around boston you can see some of the snow on the roads, it's the side roads that are tricky ones. chris and kathryn back to you. >> thank you very much, susie. our team coverage continues for you on this tuesday, some people just a few daysing a put perspective wearing shorts and now there is a rush to get ready for this winter weather. >> folks lining up shopping for shovels, snow blowers, salt and sand, a lot of people didn't get those for christmas. nicole jacobs is live in andover on what people are saying about the first storm of winter, hi there, nicole. >> reporter: chris, would you really want a shovel for a christmas present? i would have to say no. but on a serious note, this
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an insignificant storm in the grand scheme of what we know. but certainly you don't want to take these roadways for granted this morning. they are quite slick, we had to take it pretty slow here this morning getting to and drover, this is interstate 93. but really if you haven't already prepared for what we are experiencing now, time is running out. >> on a scale from 1-10 this one maybe pretty low. >> have i people here at 8:00 in the morning, the doors were open, it's like black friday. >> but the preparation for winter's first appearance is all the same, starting with the virtually untouched. >> i would say see a couple be excited about that. >> this is set to be nothing like we know. >> i was really hoping, to i'm tired of of snow. a little elbow crease can wear down the best of them. >> i broke two shovels last year.
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to break, the t has a deicing remedy for that sub born third rail. >> very similar if you take a flight during the winter and they spray the wings. >> no need to worry about the amount of energy experted during this storm, there is sure to be left in the tank for winter as we really know it. >> reporter: taking a live look here at interstate 93, in just about a minute we've seen traffic kind of slowdown a little bit, that is because all of these cars that are moving so slowly right now are behind a line of plows, so certainly crews are out treating these roadways over a thousand crews we're told mass dot has really treating the roads making sure things are safe. let's hope that everything pans out especially as we know things will get worse, we'll -- will get more significant as the winter guess on. >> thank you very much, that is
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take your time out there. remember you can track this storm with the cbs boston weather app, always look at the live radar as the storm continues to move through our area. thanks for staying with us, it's 5:09, coming up a check of your top stories. an anonymous threat to the city of boston, what the city is doing to ease fear. did hackers target other banks in the area? good morning, danielle. god, chris, we are tracking the snow, sleet and rain, and when the changeover occurs, with have the big holiday coming up, a little bit of snow out there, changing to sleet. stay with us you are watching
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. welcome back, it is 5:12 on tuesday morning, if you look out the window you can see we are dealing with our first winter storm of the season bringing snow, sleet and rain across the area. >> i feel like saying hello, old friend. making for a messy morning commute, let's get right to eric fisher who is tracking the conditions in fitchburg, luckily a lot of kids don't have school this week. >> reporter: that is a big
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about school closures, this week is statistically good time of of year to have a winter storm system, easy for me to say roll through, sleet, the absolute worse, for any kids who want to make a snowman, snowball fight, cancel that out. sleet is mocking you, it looks like sand except of course it's frozen to taking a look back to summer and saying here is what you got as we approach january, icy grains, it also holds down accumulation, so the whole overall scene is not going to be the beautiful wintery scene, for this storm, not my favorite. let's take a look at why we're seeing sleet from this particular event instead of just a snow fall, even though it's so cold outside, it has to do what is going on over our head, this is typical of an el nino winter, we get these type of system where is warm air is moving aloft. just a small layer near the surface you get freezing rain,
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you have sleet, the warmest temps are actually thousands of feet above our head that is is refreezing, you need of course below freezing temperatures to get that snow fall. when you look at all of it, the sleet on top of snow is not southern and central new hampshire, staying off toward the north. the main impact is not a major storm, we don't have coastal flooding or strong, damaging winds, just nasty travel, making sure everyone is caught up with our changing conditions, staying safe with our first winter storm of the season. danielle niles is tracking the storm, it feels invigorating, always a little bit fun. >> invigorating with the sleet pelting against your face that will certainly wake you up, eric,. we are talking about the sleet in a lot of places as you
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like eric reported, 2 degrees in worcester, i see a lot of pink on the map, making that transition over to a little bit of rain in the cape and islands, sleet pellets mixing in right along route 6, that is the key this morning, slow your speeds down just saw a couple reports on twitter of a few spinouts, p 92 in the city of boston, 24 in lowell, so there is colder area across the interior, still snowflakes mix in, it's not accumulating that much. 34 now in boston, but 20s across the interior and there is just a bit of a wind out there, 28 miles per hour in the city right now, gusts over 20 in the cape. the real feel is 10 degrees in worcester right now. 22 in boston, 17 in lawrence. so you certainly want to be bundled up as you step outside, the storm itself is lifting
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that extends back to the midwest, but for us it's this bulk of moisture coming through from the morning until the early afternoon for most of is. so hour by hour that rain line going to be lifting over the south coast over the next hour or so, south shore and the city of boston by the time we get to 7:30 and 8:00, 34 degrees, still cold in the 20s from manchester to worcester, it is going to be that sloppy, crusty mess with areas of sleet continuing to fall, at least from merrimack valley until late morning and as early as early afternoon particularly when you get north of manchester and then back to keene. the afternoon, it's plain old rain but it's a cold rain, temperatures only around 40 degrees, the evening commute will be much drier, with just a couple leftover showers, so a couple isolated outages may occur with the sleet changing over to pockets of freezing rain, along the berkshires and a few spots patchy here across
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is likely and that may be just enough to bring down a couple isolated branches or at least cause a few isolated outages, dry. now the same storm coming to us right now could stall south into moisture, wednesday night into thursday there may be a couple rain showers clipping the southeast of new england, we clear the skies out, new year's eve night looking like the skies will be partly cloudy and temperatures won be that cold, it will be breezy though. manage to come up around 40, day there during the day tomorrow, high temperatures on thursday, so new year's eve day will be above average, mid to upper 40s, then as we take it up through the ball drop at midnight, we are go to go cool back into the 30s, windchills probably going to be in the 20s, if you are heading out for festivities, it could be worse up around 40s for new year's day, we take it through the
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couple flurries around, only in the upper 20s for the start of next week. traffic and weather together, susie, good morning. good morning, danielle. the conditions continuing to get slick out there in stoughton on route 24 southbound an accident has shoulder blocked on 20. and in lowell the ramp from route 3 north to route 4995 has been shut down due to an accident there, that is at exit 35. let's take a live look now at the southeast expressway, traffic is moving nicely in dorchester by the gas tanks, a live look at our timesaver map this morning, the ride looks okay coming into the city from the north. we'll see if that changes. we also have a live look out at mobile 4 out on the roads in boston, can you see a little bit of coverage, snow probably slowing a couple people down, so be careful out there, chris,
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>> susie thank you very much. boston police and the fbi are looking at a anonymous threat against the city, the threat was made yesterday, that caller mentioned no specific target, time or what the threat was. boston police questioned the credibility of the threat but residents say even vague threats make them worry. >> you hear that you get nervous, times right now everyone is a little unsettled, hopefully not actual threat. >> when you have a non-credible threat it's hard because they can create a lot of havoc in the city just by doing that, you don't know what to do. >> boston police say they'll continue keeping a high visibility presence at all large public gathering. protesters taking to the streets of cleveland, ohio, after a grand jury declined to date a police officer in the death of a 12-year-old, police shot and killed tamir rice in
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toy gun and the two officers involved in the shooting said that it looked real, the incident was caught on surveillance video. federal prosecutors are conducting a civil rights investigation of the cleveland police department. new developments to the everett man, we are learning he will face a judge again to determine if he is a danger to the community. mark lavoine surrendered to police, he was in court yesterday and will remain behind bars until his hearing later this week. it is 5:20 right now, three police officers are being called heros for saving a woman inside of a burning home in webster, the group forced their way into one apartment yesterday to save the woman inside. she is being treated for serious injury, we are told two of the officers also suffered smoke inhalation. police are investigating if other banks are involved in a major hack attack at a local
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quincy credit union customers were targeted by thieves, the hackers stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from bank accounts. making sure other banks were not hit. still ahead, donald trump on the offensive in the granite state. >> why he is taking -- attacking papers in new hampshire. >> be prepaid for a slick and slippery commute, we'll be
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welcome back, it is 5:24, over to campaign 2016, donald trump campaigning in new hampshire. he called the lieder a pile of gar been, trump made the comment wednesday after the paper published a scathing front page report calling trump candidacy an insult to the intelligence of voters in the granite state. >> it's not a good paper, you know it's dying, i don't think it is going to be in business no more than two years, you don't try to hurt somebody that has been helping you, you don't do that.
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>> trump also fired back at the paper about their endorsement of republican rival chris christie. meanwhile former president bill clinton is heading to the granite state next week to campaign for his wife hillary. bill clinton is scheduled to appear next monday in nashua and petter. it's the coins to people still can't stop talking about, should bill belichick have taken the ball in overtime, bill bill check says there is no confusion. that is what he want the and he doesn't regret it. >> that is how we it it, didn't like the way it worked out, but i -- that was to me that was the right decision for our team at the time. >> the pats looking ahead to mashup against the dolphins, wbz gets you started off on sunday morning with patriots
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between the pats and dolphins at is, immediately following 5th quarter post game show on my tv 38. thank you so much for staying with us, still to come, more team coverage of this winter storm. first one of the season, how long before it clears out and the impact it's having on your morning commute. went wither weather makes a return, i'm nicole jacobs live in andover with a live report, coming up, danielle. nicole we are changing over to sleet and rain back down through the south shore, cape and islands, tracking that line, taking a look at mobile 49 in boston right now, traveling through some of that crusty snow that has changed over to sleet.
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right now at 5:30, we have an eye on the storm, snow changing over to sleet. it is a wintery scene out
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that, all the way back in march for most towns, a walk through the forecast this morning and when things will start to improve. from record warmth to snow and sleet within a week, how people across the by state with their first taste of winter. good morning, everybody, great to have you with us on this tuesday, i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon, dealing with our first winner storm of the season, we have a team of meteorologists tracking the change as we go from snow let's go live to fitchburg with eric fisher. over there? >> reporter: what we are seeing here is a lot of sleet mixing in with snow fall, it has a
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coming down, the sleet is icy pellets, you can probably hear pinging off my jacket and off the windows in your house, take time to get outdoors, we understand that. it is not so nice in fitchburg, everything coated in sleet and snow, continuing as we head through the morning. taking a look at temperatures, even though it's cold at the surface, we will warmer air over our head that is melting our snow make flakes and refreezing, that is why we have all the sleet. 2 in orange, keene is at it 1, for most of the interior 4995 and north, that cold air is going to stay locked in most of the day keeping us in sleet and freezing rain. biggest impact on your commute is going to this morning, boston in particular, as the day goes on, we will start to see warmer temperatures and rain. things will improve toward lunch time and beyond. farther north and west in places like fitchburg, along 495, places farther to the
5:26 am
sleet and freezing rain through the course of the day, and so roads will stay icy and dose he, i have to talk -- dicey. >> he is already but he loves the storm, first snow for him, he loves it, it is a california boy you he loves new england. >> what is the little guy's name. >> dude. >> yeah. >> the dude, enjoy the sleet this morning. >> thank you. >> everyone seems prepared out on 0 streets of fitchburg, the dude is ready for an icy morning, pretty naturally out here in fill burg, tracking the latest on the radar,. >> that is fantastic, i love that he still is in the holiday spirit, he has the multiple hats, he looks like he is staying warm. he is festive, absolutely. so let's take a live look
5:27 am
>> reporter: car, we are dealing with everything, snow, sleet, plain rain, we have made a changeover, 34 degrees in tur row, south shore we have mixing and making a change at the immediate toast line, you see where the groan goes to pink, we've made a changeover to rain, rain mixing in with the sleet at this time. 34 degrees in boston, around 79:00 a.m. we make that transition over, give or -- 7:00 a.m., we make that transition over. fitchburg with areas of sleet, southern new hampshire, it's a mix of snow and sleet combined. temperature 20 degrees in concord, new hampshire, where do we go from here? temperatures gradually rise, between now and 7:30-8:00 we make the transition over. temperatures around 40 degrees through the afternoon in boston.
5:28 am
continues to press north by mid to late morning, north and west of town it is a tough go with temperatures just around or over the freezing mark, the rain is going to come down hard, too through early after noon, there may be localized ponding of water because of the crust, the snow, the sleet and change over to rain, this is 5:30, so in the the map much different as we head through the evening hours with a up could he will showers well north and west of boston, pamela gardener has been in nashua, new hampshire dealing with the sleet and getting the sleet pelting on your face, i know that doesn't feel good out there, pamela. >> reporter: yeah, the sleet still coming down here. and we are still right outside of pleasant lane mall, the road middlesex road, and this is just before the entrance to route 3, we have a few cars moving along right now, but it is very slow going and the road
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out here all morning, it's very rough snow, what little snow we did get, and on top of it sleet. and we have those sleet pellets still falling out here. so, temperatures 25 degrees, we have warm air so we are getting a little bit of that sleet, sleet continuing for at least the next 30 minutes or so, we'll continue to keep track of all this and keep you updated from nashua, new hampshire, traffic and weather together now, susie. that sleet and that wintery mix that is hard to stand in, it's making the roads slick, mass dot has reduced the speed limit to 40 miles per hour between sturbridge and the new york border, mass pike in austin as you can see the volume is way down and that is because it's vacation week which is probably helping with the traffic this morning, taking a live look at timesaver map, the truck is off the road
5:30 am
side near exit 18 and mobile 4 unit on spare -- sparrow drive, heading out no it looks like it's a little bit of slick necessary on the road, you have to take it slow if you are out there, kathryn and chris over to you. >> thank you very much, susie. of course our whole team monitoring this situation. i want to bring back dude the dog. >> gotta find dude the dog. >> with the multiple sack at that hats. >> a lot going on with that dog. coming up, more team coverage with that winter storm and a look at the roads. checking our other top stories including an anonymous threat, what officials are doing to ease fears. an innocent kid that is one thing, big damaging what is
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good morning, everybody, it is 5:39 right now, a couple daysing a people were wearing the shorts, the shortsleeved, now we are dealing with our first storm. >> nicole jacobs is live in and dover with what people are saying about the first storm, hi there, nicole. >> reporter: hi there, chris and kathryn, we stood in many a winter storm, this is not all that bad. but certainly you done want to take the roads for granted. we've seen a significant drop
5:33 am
which is good because it is definitely slick out there. but for those who are bracing themselves for the winner we dreading it. >> on a scale from is 19-10 this may be pretty low. friday. >> but the preparation for winter's first appearance is all the same starting with the been virtually untouched. >> i would see a garden be very excited about that. >> this one nothing like what we know new england can bring. >> i was really hoping, i'm tired of snow. >> a little elbow grease can wear down the west of them. i break two shovels last year. >> and that wean the only thing to break, although this year the t has a deicing remedy for that sub burn third rail. >> very similar if you take a
5:34 am
they spray the wings with deicing chemical. >> no need to worry about the energy expert -- exerted during this storm. taking a live look again at interstate 93, you can see a steady flow of traffic this morning, of the course we know it's school vacation week, we also know dot has over 1200 pieces of equipment, crews out on the roadways this morning making sure things are nice and safe. that is the latest from andover, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you for the update on the conditions there. we have team coverage for, you multiple meteorologists, three meteorologist z, we are keeping an eye on the first whenner storm of the season. we'll have a look at today's top story. danielle is here with weather watchers. i think they are, i love seeing weather watcher reports come in, so temperatures right
5:35 am
i want to bring you to the snow fall reports, brian says 49 inches, 3 inches in south burg with maine, hampton, new hampshire, same in fitchburg massachusetts, sloppy half-inch to .75, we'll give you live look at the radar and we'll talk with eric in fitchburg coming up after the break.
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good morning it is 5:44 on tuesday morning, we are dealing with the first winter storm of the season across the state. >> it is not a lot of snow but it's enough on the roads to make it a mess this morning, let's get right to chief meteorologist eric fisher who is brighton and early, or i should say dark and early in fill burden of proving, good morning, eric. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn and chris. smaller storm but an impact full one, the pig in the blankets of winter storms, snack on vote and snow at the mobile weather lab in fitchburg, we've seen that snow develop around midnight, sleet coming down on top of it. it holds accumulations down, but overall it is going to have the same impact, difficult travel out here for tuesday morning, we always approach crate these, really helps us to
5:37 am
on around the area, concord at 2.5 of snow, the farther north you go, that is where we will see the bigger snow totallies, fitchburg an inch, a little bit more, west borrow half-inch, for most it's a coasting of of sleet. concord area north ward at 4-8 inches total snow, even to the north there will be sleet mixing in, an incredible amount of warm area loft. even though it is told outside, low 20s we are looking at that air at 10,000 feet up is in the 40s in some locations. so you have got a big change depending on height. taking a look at radar here, danielle niles is holding it down in the studio monitoring trends, from the icy conditions here in the interior that last
5:38 am
in the southeastern part of the state. and it's true, we have rain, sleet, snow, a little bit of everything out there to test us here on this first winter storm, temperatures p 34 degrees, we've already made that change over to rain, that rain line has been extending back up to the south shore along route p, so 33 in plymouth with rain, you zoom in and sit witch, sleet still mixing in, you get into the bank, norwell, ray mouth and rockland, still dealing with folk radar pockets of sleet. right along 128, 34 degrees in boston right now, just north and west of town we are in the 20s, still dealing with snow from bedford back up to lowell along route 3 mixing in with sleet and back in through concord, 21 degrees of snow making the changeover, the wind is an issue, so it's gusty out
5:39 am
feels like 10 degrees in worcester right now, feels like 22 in boston, you want to be bundled up. the storm itself, the bulk of moisture coming through between now and early afternoon, when we do make that changeover to rain, we are going to see a half-inch to .75-inch of rain, so hour by hour that rain snow ward progress through the morning, still north and west of town we'll be seeing some pink, some of that sleet still mixing in, 9:00 a.m., 31 in bedford, 20s through southwest new hampshire. looking at 10:30, rain is coming down hard still mixed with sleet well north and west of boston, the rain may also cause puddles and reduce visibility, the threat isn't done yet when we start to see the rain taper off, leftover showers for the evening commute, temperatures running
5:40 am
degrees, there may still be a couple rain or snow showers, shouldn't cause big issue, isolated out ands where ice secretion, transitioning to a freezing rain, tomorrow a much quieter day overall, a lot of clouds, a touch of drizzle with temperatures around the freezing mark, there may be a few icy patches on anything that is untreated, we are fine coming to you 40 with a few breaks of sunshine through the clouds. tomorrow night into thursday morning we get skirted by way of low pressure, there may be a up coal rain showers, looking good for new year's eve festivities, a little bit on the chilly side. so cloudy tonight 393, patchy drizzle develops in a few spots, painly cloudy tomorrow,
5:41 am
falling to 40s in the afternoon, dipping back into the lower 30s, when you factor in the wind it will feel like the 20s at midnight when we ring in the new year, turning colder for the weekend, could be a up could he will flurries around, 20s on monday, traffic and weather together, susie. it was bound to happen, we are seeing trouble out on the roads. conditions worse parts in the north area of boston, state police say route 995 northbound south of route 3 is closed after two tractor trailers jack knifed there, just the breakdown lane is getting by, fortunately no one was injured in that accident, do expect major delays there. nearly 1300 crew are out treating roads across the state this important, let's take a live look, the volume is beginning to build, people getting out on the roads but it's still a pretty good ride down 93 from the north. the leverett connector is
5:42 am
mobile 4 is on the streets of boston, back by area, you can see a little bit of snow coverage, so certainly take it slow if you are out on the roads this morning, chris and kathryn. we'll check our top stories this tuesday shall whoing, boston police and the fbi are investigating an anonymous threat, no target location or time was mentioned. the caller hung up when the dispatcher asked for more specific information, boston police questioned the credibility of this threat but they say they are continuing to monitor the situation. a mother and daughter accused of a horrible christmas eve hoax named going psychiatric evaluation, both women went before a judge yesterday, they saw a man throw a baby into a river in haverhill, this sparked a massive police response which cost the city $50,000.
5:43 am
>> this morning jon keller looks like why the internet may be to blame. >> the innocent fibs we tell each other to make nice serve a purpose, you look great and oh, my this is delicious rhubarb pie. but i'm having some trouble understanding the big lies about big sub joke that people tell, why they do it and why there teams to be more and more of them. at least the two haverhill women who police say made up the christmas eve hoax of someone throwing a baby into the merrimack river were arraigned yesterday on serious charges, their true vile lie cost the taxpayers 50,000 bucks for the ensuing search and risked the safety of law enforcement personnel. why did they do it? you boston area that the cops say was vague and not credible,
5:44 am
who put a fake bomb in the bathroom of an air france flight, jerk who sental la threat to the schools. i can't prove there are more of these crimes of it feels like there are, if so it's not hard to see why, the anonymity of the internet has powered people to say all sorts of things they would never have the nerve to say, and the publicity has emboldened the anonymous of us, making themselves matter for a minute, no matter the damage done, i love the cute animal videos just like the nice guy, with paying the price and it's getting steeper by the day, keller at or via twitter. >> we appreciate you being
5:45 am
the first winter storm of the season. gillette stadium getting a winter makeover. >> they get ready for the nhl
5:46 am
welcome back, preparations for the winter classic continue
5:47 am
>> the rank appears to be almost complete, putting finishing touches op the ice, the bruins face off the mob at thal canadians on new year's day. it is just a slippery morning out there and messy commute, we have live pictures for you out of nashua, new hampshire this morning, see how the con digs are there, you can see a nice coating on the roads, we have live team
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